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Product name : Portable 1000W Car Solar Power Inverter with USB
Item : QW-1000MUSB
Price : Negotiated
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Portable 1000W Car Solar Power Inverter with USB (QW-1000MUSB)

Car Power Inverter convert 12/24V DC into 110V/220V AC, Only simply plug your inverter
Into the cigarette lighter socket from the console in your vehicle then get power for your electronic Devices such as laptops, DC players, phone chargers etc. USB charging port offers an additional choice for user. It can charge for digital equipments.

1. Multiple protection circuit designed, no harm for battery and machines.
2. Intelligent temperature control cooling fan, effectly prevent inverter over-temperature inside
3. Aluminium alloy housing, sturdy and durable
4. With battery clamp & car cigarette plug on 100W, 150W, 200W, 300W, 400W, 500W, 600W, 800W, & 1000W
5. With over-load, over-voltage, lack-voltage, over-temperature and short circuit protection
6. USB port with external fuse
7. Small size, light weight, easy to carry to anywhere
8. High quality, was approved CE & Rohs

Protect functions
1. Over load 
2. Over current 
3. Over voltage protection
4. Low voltage protection
5. Short circuit protection
6. High temperature protection
7. Reverse connection protection
8. External fuse protection

Perfect to supply power to Notebook, digital camera, video camera and other appliances when you travel on the vehicle, camp, voating or other outside activities.

Supply stable power for household appliance such as TV, computer, DVD, VCD, satellite receiver, printer, light, fan, game player etc.

Also it can be widely used in the districts with unstable power or supplied Power by the solar or wind energy sources.

1. What is Inverter?
Inverter is an electronic equipment that turn DC12V/24V/48V into AC110V/220V/230V/240V.

2. How many kinds of output wave form for Inverters?

Two kinds:

Pure sine wave Inverter: It could provides high quality AC and carry various loads, While it requires high tech and high cost.

Modified sine wave Inverter: It can load poorly not carrying inductive load, but the price is moderate.

3. How to choose a power inverter?
Mose of the electronic products are signed out their rated power, and the rated power should be less than the rated power of the power inverter.

The method of how to estimate the power(W): The total of load power should be equal to the rated power(W) of the power inverter.

About us:
Queenswing is a professional manufacture specialized in Power inverter and solar products, We have professional development team. We pursues to establish the culture of "quality first, reputation best ".

Product category
Car Power inverter
Car Inverter with USB Port
Pure sine wave invertrer
UPS Pure sine wave inverter with charger
Modify sine wave inverter
UPS power inverter with charger

Our products usually are exported big quantity in to Europe, USA, African, Russia, Australiaetc. And our power inverter serials enjoy better reputation. With reliable quality and stable performance.

Payment: Western Union, T/T or Cash Credit card

Shipment: By sea, by air or International express -- DHL, EMS, Fedex, UPS or customer assigned.

Lead Time:
Sample orders will be delivered within 7 working days.
If order quantity below 100pcs, delivery time is 7-15 working days.
Container orders will be delivered within 15-30 working days.

Warranty: 1 year.

Technical Parameters:

Model  100W  150W  200W  300W  500W  800W 1000W   1200W
Rated Power  100W  150W   200W   300W  500W  800W   1000W  1200W
Peak Power  200W  300W  400W  600W  1000W  1600W  2000W  2400W
Input Voltage Range         12VDC(10VDC~15VDC) or 24VDC(20VDC~30VDC)
Output Voltage & Frequency         AC110V/220V/230V/240V   50Hz/60Hz
Waveform         Modified Sine Wave
Lack-voltage alarm         10VDC~10.5VDC or 20.5VDC~21.5VDC
Lack-voltage cut off         9VDC~10VDC or 19.5VDC~20.5VDC
Over-voltage cut off         14.5VDC~15.5VDC or 29VDC~31VDC
Temperature protection         ≥65ºC                                                                                                                                   
Protect function         over-load, over-voltage, short-circuit, lack voltage, high temperature, reverse conection
Convert effective         ≥90%
Working temperature         0ºC~40ºC
Cooling fan   no  yes  yes  yes  yes   yes  yes  yes
Buzzer alarm   no  no   no   no   yes   yes   yes   yes 
Size(L*W*H)    115*65*38mm   160*100*54mm   200*100*54mm  270*100*55mm
N.W(kg)    0.3kg   0.5kg   0.7kg  1kg

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