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Product name : Wireless Remote-Control Waterproof Solar Controller
Item : QW-SR-DH series
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1. New design of wireless remote-control can modify the controller parameter and read the system message
    according to the handheld device.
2. Digital high precision constant-current control, the maximum efficiency can reach 96%.
3. The working current can be adjusted from 0.15A to 3.3A, the regulating precision is 30mA.
4. High dynamic performances of load insure current output stability even though the battery voltage and load
    sudden change. 
5. 3 section time frame dimming function design, work time can be set range from 0h to 15 hours, power can be
    set range from 0% to 100%.
6. Intelligent power mode, the load power can be adjust automatically according to the battery power, can extend
     the maximum working time of the battery.
7. Record the system status, can record at a max 7days and monitor the whole system.
8. The true constant current but not limited the current, insure the current output stability thus decrease LED light failure,
     increase the LED service life.
9. Metal case, IP68 waterproof degree, can suitable use in all kinds of bad conditions.
10. With modified calculation of charging, the charging efficiency is improved, which lengthen the using time of solar energy. 
11. Overheat preventing function, above a certain temperature will decrease the load or close the load.
12. Varies system protection function. Including the battery reverse connection, LED short circuit, open circuit protection and so on.

Parameter name Parameter value Adjustable Default
Model DH100 DH50 DH20    
System voltage 12V/24V 12V/24V 12V    
Output power 50W/12V
Output current 0.15A3.3A 0.15A1.98A 0.15A1.67A 330mA
No-load loss 9mA/12V; 12mA / 24V 9 mA /12V    
Charging current 15A 10A 5A    
Solar input voltage < 55V < 30V    
Efficiency of constant current source 90% ~ 96%    
Overvoltage protection 16.0V×2/24V    
Charging limits voltage 15.5V×2/24V    
Equal charging voltage 15.2V×2/24V25℃)    
Equal charging interval 30 days    
Ascending charging voltage 14.2V  15.0V×2/24V25℃) 14.4V
Float charging voltage 13.2V  14.0V×2/24V25℃) 13.8V
over-discharging recover voltage 12.0V  13.0V×2/24V 12.6V
over-discharging voltage 9.8V   11.8V×2/24V 11.0V
Temperature compensation -4.0mv//2V    
Current precision ±3%Load current300mA    
Load output voltage 60V    
over-temperature protection ambient temperature:80 (load drop power)    
overheat protection internal temperature:120(Load off)    
light control voltage 5V  11V 5V
light control delay 1min  50min 1min
Working temperature -35  +65℃;    
Protection level IP68    
Weight 280g 170g 160g    
Dimensionmm 100*82*20 58*82*20      

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