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Product name : 2000W Pure Sine Wave Inverter with UPS Charger
Item : QW-P2000UPS
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  • The whole process is executed by CPU intelligent program.
  • Pure sine wave output: Relative to the square wave or modified sine wave ( Step wave), it have a stronger effect in loading or load capacity.
  • Available with capacitive load, inductive load and any other type of general-purpose AC load, if it runs a refrigerator, television or radio equipment,  there would be no interference and noise and will not affect the load equipment performance and life. 
  • High stability: Since it has over voltage, under voltage, overload, overheating, short circuit, reverse  and improved protection, stability of the system.
  • Digital intelligent control: The core device is controlled by a powerful micro-controller,  making the external circuit structure being simple, control being flexible and control strategy being powerful, thus ensuring excellent performance  and stability
  • UPS and charger function


 LED(Digital Display): Input Voltage and Output Voltage
 LCD: Input Voltage, Output Voltage, Battery Electric Quantity and Waveform

Technical Parameter:

Model No. PSW-2000UPSD PSW-2000UPSL
Voltage Display Digital Display LCD
Rated Power 2000W
Peak Power 4000W
Transfer efficiency ≥90%
Circuit Topology push-pull type; the whole process is executed by CPU intelligent program
Waveform Pure Sine Wave
Waveform Distortion ≤5(linear load)
No Load Current 1A
Input Voltage 12V or 24V DC (option)
Output Voltage 110V, 120V, 230V or 220V DC (option)
Input Voltage Range 11V~15VDC or 21V~29VDC
Output Voltage Range 85~135V or 170~265V(option)
Low Voltage Alarm 11VDC±0.5V or 21VDC±0.5V
Over Voltage Cut-off ≥15VDC or ≥29VDC
Output Voltage 220VAC±5%
Over-load Protection 2000W-2100W
Cooling Way Intelligent Cooling Fans
Fan Start Temperature ≥40±5℃
Temperature Protection 70±5℃
Frequency 50Hz or 60Hz ± 0.5%(option)
Charger 20A
UPS Transfer Inverter use city power first, when city power cut off suddently, 
inverter transfer to use battery power auto, and the transfer time is within 10mS. 
Protection Input low-voltageInput high-voltage, Over-Load, Short-circuit, Over-temperature and Reverse connection protection. 
Green LED indicator Lighting(working);
Flash slow(lack voltage);
Flash fast(fault occur and the unit is in protection situation)
Yellow LED indicator Lighting (fully charge);
Flashing (charging);
off (no AC supply or in AC input voltage protection situation)
Packaged 1*pair battery cable(red & black)
1*bag fuses
1*charge cable
1*english user manual
1*neutral packing box
Dimension Inverter: 320*150*125mm/5kg
Carton: 485*230*406mm/12kg/2pcs
Certifications CE、Rohs


1. In-car or on-boat devices series: military vehicle, police cars, medical ambulance, ships, traffic lights, and etc. 

2.Industry equipments series: solar energy, wind power, gas discharge lamp and etc.

3.Office area: Computer, printer, copier, scanner, digital camera and etc. 

4. Kitchen utensils series: Micro-wave oven, induction cooker,refrigerator, and etc.

5.House appliance devices: Electric fans, vacuum cleaner, AC, lighting lamps, and etc.

6.Power tool series: electric saw, drilling machine, punching machines,air compressor ect.

Testing Video: 

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